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E-learning is not that easy as just you share and I learn. There are a lot of challenges and inconvenient situations e-teachers face and need to overcome. When choosing to become a part of the wide e-learning market, you should be familiar with and ready to overcome the challenges of online learning. For some people, it is the lack of learners; they need to make a lot of efforts to reach a wider market, for others it is the tech knowledge to manage to operate the e-learning platform or budget to afford to have one. …

Originally published at Copy that Sells

Are you also tired of that magical expression that sounds like “content is the king”? If you ask me, content is something overwhelmed, and accordingly, it loses its value and becomes untrustworthy. So, content is not the king but the way you present the content. If you succeed in writing copy that attracts the readers and earns their trust, then you really do it right and that form of content is really valuable. In this article, I will discuss the most successful points to take into consideration when writing copy that sells.

Writing Copy for Websites

You may…

Originally published at Digital Entrepreneur

There are always some ways to use your knowledge and skills to make more money than your hourly rate is. For this reason, many businesses (especially the small ones) pay significant attention to increasing revenue through knowledge commerce. If we try to define, knowledge commerce refers to the monetization of the process of sharing knowledge. Many digital entrepreneurs go in this direction and find optimal solutions to combine business experience and educational material sharing (knowledge, skill, experience).

These days, the process is even easier thanks to the growth of the e-learning industry. The internet makes…

Originally published at Project Roadmap

Have you ever thought about successful products or the way they reached that success? You should have heard many times that behind any successful product there is a great idea. Of course, a good idea is the basis of success but a lot depends on the process of the project management. This includes the ongoing stages during which all the actions, tasks, and assignments are planned and organized. In order to achieve the expected results, it is recommended to create a project roadmap and follow it. …

Originally published at Engage Students

At some point in their lives, many people think about sharing knowledge and skills online. The first challenge they face, which prevents half of them from going forward, is the lack of learners. So, the most common question is related to student engagement. Where should I find students?

In the present article, I am going to discuss how to engage students in online learning. We will together identify different ways to engage students online before and after the educational material is launched on your platform.

By the way, if you have not still created your…

Originally published at Transformative Learning

Everybody is always learning something, yet, everyone learns differently. And to reach educational success, it is very crucial to understand the different ways that human brains learn. Education providers, as well as learners, may greatly benefit when they imagine how the learning process or methods work for different students. Realizing how the learning happens, creators may increase their efforts to the maximum and create learning groups where learners do well. This is a very accepted approach especially in case you want to start an online school and no matter the industry you are experienced in…

Originally published at Multimodal Learning

Have you ever felt like you explain something for some time and it turns out to be in vain? Such situations usually happen because the education providers do not consider different teaching methods or just do not focus on the right method that best fits their teaching niche or topic. In this article, we will together identify one of the learning methods that make the process easier and more clear to understand at the minimum possible time. Let’s define multimodal learning.

Multimodal Learning Definition

What is multimodal learning? According to the Academy of Mine, multimodal deep learning is…

Originally published at Effective Training Programs

Along with the e-learning industry growing constantly, the number of online education providers increases, spreading over more niches. No matter what kind of industry you are experienced in, if you have quality knowledge and skills people want to learn, you may become an e-trainer and share this experience with people who need it. However, the most critical point is to offer the best strength training program that will be unique in the competition and potential learners will put their trust in you. But how to create an effective training program your students will be…

Originally published at Challenges of Online Learning

The e-learning industry is constantly growing and new features, opportunities, as well as challenges, are possible to arrive every day. In this quickly changing world, every day is a new opportunity, however, in order not to miss such opportunities one should be aware and learn what are the challenges of online learning. It will help to plan the processes more effectively and minimize the level of risk.

If you are somehow related to the e-learning industry, you are highly recommended to identify your training objectives in the overall learning pool. This will be…

Originally published at Characteristics of Learning Organizations

Learning-related organizations or individual specialists follow some guidelines or create strategies that help them reach potential learners, achieve success in the market, and make the process of teaching as easy and smooth as possible. To overcome the activities, they should analyze the characteristics of a learning organization. In the present article, I am going to discuss all these points that are used in the e-learning industry to improve the quality of knowledge and skills training and achieve higher results in the eLearning jobs.

Learning organizations support the employees in the process of solving…

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