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Some years ago nobody would have thought about the possibility of teaching or learning online from home. Today, everybody is familiar with the forms and methods of online education. And today the representatives of this industry tend to think and offer new ways, tools, and technologies that will automate the e-learning process making it easier for the human side as well as saving time, energy, and why not budget.

E-learning automation is related to various features and functions and no matter the industry you are experienced in. When thinking about e-learning, many people immediately focus on traditional school subjects and go on for sciences. However, today there are many professions required in the market, including, online fitness training, business coaching, yoga training, marketing, English teaching, employee training, life coaching, and many more directions that are possible to effectively complete in the e-learning market.

Why Automation is Important in E-Learning?

Automation makes e-learning the future of education. Today people are more likely to optimize their workload through automation across different industries. Various tools, algorithms, and AI are developed to minimize, or in some cases even eliminate the human input, at the same time achieving equal or even better results in workplace activities. Automation in eLearning isn’t different from this overall concept. All the general benefits of increased efficiency, optimization, and output derived through automation are also applied in eLearning environments.

These days automation gradually appears in e-learning, being produced by LMS providers and app developers. Algorithms embedded into LMS platforms help educators to generate eLearning content, by drawing from previously inputted data to suggest options for future resources. For example, instead of creating lesson templates, each time education providers offer a new class in the created training course.

Factually, automation is more likely to do a better job than education providers in the case it comes to tasks that require large amounts of replication or administration. The solution is that the content and layout remain consistent to a robotic degree of accuracy.

How to Take the Benefit of Automation?

Many people are doubtful about e-learning automation and in some cases this is reasonable. It is not always possible for the system to provide 100% accuracy for any kind of activity, task, or process implementation. This is especially beneficial for competitive actions that may be saved and repeated according to the scheduled timeline.

E-learning automation may refer to providing educational content related to various industries: no matter it is traditional English teaching, business, and life coaching, or fitness and yoga training.

Now let’s take into consideration some e-learning functions that help to automate the teaching process regardless of the industry.

#1 Continual Long-term Live Training

In some cases, trainers need to get in touch with the learners on daily basis, or on fixed days during the week. The training may be a long-term one: 1 month, 6 months, or how long you find appropriate for a specific course.

With an automation technique, you may create a schedule according to your course plan and automate the emailing process as well as creating separate lessons every time.

The whole training course may be divided into different chapters, each chapter containing lessons referring to specific topics that are going to be discussed during the course. If you are a yoga coach or a fitness trainer, this may be just a regular training lesson. You may write a description of each lesson in advance and the participants will be automatically informed about it through email letters.

In this way, you may add new participants or remove them. The process saves your time and energy, letting you create a course for one time and get rid of the further mechanical work.

#2 Quiz Automation

One of the activities in the eLearning process that requires a lot of time, is the test checking process. For some education providers, this is a headache. Accordingly, test automation in e-learning is one of the most required and effective tools.

Although not every industry trainers need to present quizzes, general theoretical knowledge is always essential probably for every sphere. It helps the participants better
understand the topic and accordingly, they do things they are aware of.

If you are interested in finding automation tools then consider the power of test automation in education. Choose a quiz-making tool that lets you provide the right answers to the questions so that the system automatically checks all the passed tests and displays the results. It will help you manage your time and work in a more organized way.

#3 Automated Certificate Generation

Even today, many trainers do not imagine how it’s possible to automate the certification process. Yes, your students may get certificates of yours even without your direct influence.

Imagine that you can come up with online courses. After passing these courses, learners will check their acquired knowledge with quizzes and those who pass the tests with positive marks will get a certificate of completion that is generated automatically.

Competencies in the Future Competition

To go along with the competition and save your time, you need to adapt to the new labor market.

The belief “A single job for a lifetime” gradually becomes a thing of the past. These days, we tend to be prepared to take up several different occupations during our professional careers. By developing the right competencies, you can:

  • Adapt to new environments
  • Be flexible for constant change
  • Be open to different challenges
  • Tolerate failure
  • Learn new skills

These days, innovative technologies and techniques offer new jobs, and we may actually face a great labor demand in the market. Online education jobs work from home have their place during all these changes. Even if you are a specialist of a specific profession, you may start sharing knowledge online and make use of the eLearning process automation, regardless of your industry.

When we look at such a global change in jobs as an opportunity instead of a problem, it stops being so frightening anymore. Although a new job is a good thing, “up to 375 million workers may need to switch occupational categories.” To transition to new occupations, workers will need to be open to change and ready for it by learning new skills.

But before everything, ask yourself a question: what can you do to meet the demands of the market; or, how can you develop competencies for the future? I’m sure you can do a lot. And the eLearning automation will help you in this process.



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