How to Create Engaging Training Videos in 2021

Stage 1. The Idea

Everything starts with a good idea. I think you already have come to that great idea of creating online courses. So, I won’t speak much about idea generation. I may also recommend to make research on your course idea and learn whether or not it will be required in the market. Do not work on something people are not interested in, and you won’t satisfy your expectations.

Stage 2. Preparations

In this process, you need to follow the available trends and requirements to present training videos people like and enjoy learning from. Neither you should think about having a professional studio to make this work. You may just create a working area for you — as I like to call “a home video studio”. It has nothing to do with a professional studio, but a comfortable area appropriate for organizing the process.

Stage 3. Recording

This is the most important and responsible stage. You should implement the recording process in a way that your potential students stay satisfy. Below, I am going to discuss some tactics, approaches, or methods that will help you create engaging training videos.

#1 Manage the Time

Don’t make long videos. People get tired when learning for a long time. Keep your videos short. If the topic you present is wide, you may divide it into subtopics and record separate videos for each one. This is more effective and preferable for learners. Getting a lot of important knowledge immediately, the human brain does not manage to memorize every detail so that sometimes some points are missed and the student has to go back and rewatch the video.

#2 Keep on the Most Important

Do not take the students’ time speaking about points that are not essential and may be missed. People who prefer to learn with online courses are usually short of time. They choose courses to learn something new whenever and wherever they manage. So, do not make them disappointed.

#3 Talk to the Camera

If you are shown in the videos then make sure to face the camera while explaining something. This makes the learners think you are talking to them and it increases the engagement. So, imagine that there is a student sitting in front of you instead of the camera and you teach them that specific topic.

#4 The Clear Voice Matters

Learners should be able to listen to your voice clearly. In this matter, you should make sure there is no noise in the room you record courses. Then work on your voice.

#5 Keep the Motivational Mood on

Learners like to know the content they learn and the industry they want to become experienced in, is a growing one and they are in the right direction. Before getting starting on the general point of the course, you should present its importance, especially, in the introductory videos.

#6 Provide Additional Educational Material

During the process of publishing already recorded courses, you are recommended to add additional material. This is usually related to the educational content discussed in the videos in the course chapter. It is accepted to present additional material at the end of the chapter. This material may be in the form of pdf, txt, word files, slide shares, etc.

#7 Come up with Quizzes

Students like to check their knowledge after taking part in a course. Quizzes will give them this opportunity. You may place such tests at the end of every chapter of your course. This will make the participants more engaged with the material. They will be more attentive while learning as they know they should pass the test. Such an approach helps to increase the effectiveness of the online learning process.

  • with multiple-choice answers
  • Image questions
  • Video questions
  • Questions that require a “yes” or a “no” answers
  • Questions that require a short or a long answer

#8 Award Certificates

Learners, especially those who want to master a new specialty through online courses, pay great attention to certifications. It is proof of their acquired knowledge and skills. For some students, this is a motivation to go on learning and there are even such students who gather collections of certificates.

#9 Congratulate for Every Small Success

People who learn like it when their efforts are appreciated. If you want to make them more engaged with your content then congratulate them in case of every small success. For instance, tell them congrats after completing a course chapter or passing a test successfully. This may be both by speaking during the video (do not forget about looking at the camera) and by a text form that appears after passing a quiz. You may even provide gifts or bonuses in the form of useful files, pieces of advice, or consultation.

#10 Ask Opinions

The Final Words

Following the points that are mentioned above, you will increase the level of student engagement with the valuable courses you present on your online teaching platform. Along with the increasing number of engaged students, you become more experienced as well as required in the market. People who look for educational material you offer will choose your courses as there are many other learners satisfied with the pieces of knowledge and experience you share.



The Sunflower Girl 🌻I never try to find more readers for my writings, but I try to write the best writing for my readers!

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Vera Mirzoyan

The Sunflower Girl 🌻I never try to find more readers for my writings, but I try to write the best writing for my readers!