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Are you also tired of that magical expression that sounds like “content is the king”? If you ask me, content is something overwhelmed, and accordingly, it loses its value and becomes untrustworthy. So, content is not the king but the way you present the content. If you succeed in writing copy that attracts the readers and earns their trust, then you really do it right and that form of content is really valuable. In this article, I will discuss the most successful points to take into consideration when writing copy that sells.

Writing Copy for Websites

You may have created your personal website and you need to fill it with attractive content valuable for the audience consideration. Whether it is about your online course homepage or any landing page of your platform, it needs to offer trustworthy information with linguistic wordplay or any means that will make the content more attractive and catchy. In the end, it is what engages the audience and leads them to make purchases.

Online course creators spend a lot of time and energy recording their video course material and reaching the target audience. As a result, they often lose energy where it matters the most — the sales copy. Some specialists think that it’s enough to present some attractive words, describe their course as the best and that is enough to convert for their educational material. However, everything is not that easy. Actually, the sales page is your biggest opportunity to show the target market why your video course is so valuable and transformative.

The perfect and right sales copy should present your online course as the solution the potential and active students have been looking for. It should be explained as the tool that will solve their problems and lead them in the right direction.

Writing Copy: What Makes it Apart?

Some people who have any kind of writing skills think that there is nothing difficult in writing sales copies and they can do it as well in several minutes. They try email copywriting, blog posting, social media marketing, and even writing website copy. However, as I have already mentioned, it is not just as easy as writing several words just for writing. When we talk about sales copy it is somehow more than just writing. It is not a blog article or storytelling. This form of content must be as attractive and strong as it will be needed to attract the audience’s attention, engage them, and call them to action.

How to Write Sales Copy Effectively?

If in case of writing a blog post you need to share some useful information, in the case of sales copy you need to share a piece of useful content data, highlight the importance and advantage of your courses and add urgency to make an action immediately as later may be late.

To make this come true, you may rely on some methods or approaches to convert the readers into paying leads. Now I am going to list some of these methods and methodologies that will help you in the process. Come on, cause there will be some interesting tips and tricks the majority of creators miss out on.

#1 Know Your Audience

I emphasize this step very often but surely it worths it. Your actions will be useless if you do not know the target market, the potential learners, their requirements, needs, and preferences. In that case, you will do just some actions you think the audience will like, but what you really need is the exact needs in the market to meet in the best possible way.

When you define the audience requirements and expectations you may consider it when creating online courses. Accordingly, your video course material will meet the market demands and the potential learners will be happy to pay for such a valuable piece of knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is then when you need to work on your sales writing copy to highlight all the advantages of the course material and make the audience believe in the efficiency and quality of your efforts. So, this step is the basis of the efficiency and success of the overall process. Do not save your time on defining your audience as its absence may mean wasting your time on the further process which does not meet the expectations among the audience members.

#2 Make it Easy Navigable

Your sales copy should be easily scannable. Keep in mind that landing on a page people do not read any single detail. Make sure your page highlights the most essential points so that there is no chance the audience may miss any critical points. Scanning your sales page, the audience should realize it is worthy of their valuable time so that they read the details.

To make your writing even easier to understand you may divide the overall page into very clear sections filled with images, graphics, or color blocking that clearly emphasize the separate sections. Here you may also use bolded, colored, or highlighted textual content to make certain points and statements stand out. Of course, this will also help to make the sales page very scannable. Your audience members should be able to take a very quick, 15-second look at your sales page as a whole and already have an idea of whether or not the presented course is going to be the best fit for them. Based on the initial scan, your audience will decide whether they should stick around or if maybe your online course is not going to be the best fit for them.

Also, let’s be honest: people are easily bored and easily distracted. If there is not something on your sales page to catch the audience’s eye right away, they are more likely to click to another tab and never think of your sales page again. Let’s consider some more points to make the sales copy easier to scan.

  • Use clear headers. Titles and subheadings help to focus on essential points.
  • Vary text size and style. Different elements make the words or expressions catchy for the eye.
  • Use different colors. Colors attract human attention. When choosing colors, make sure they fit your overall style as it represents your brand image.
  • Include blanc space. Leave some part of the page without any content. Keep some space for the reader to relax and keep their eyes free of tension.
  • Present visual content. Images are proved to be memorized better and have more influence than textual content. Include images, icons, graphs, infographics, statistics, and any form of visual content you find appropriate. Such visuals will help to divide the textual content and make the information easy to digest for the readers.

This is an essential step that will make more people read the material presented on the page so that you get more opportunities to attract the audience and focus their attention on the benefits you share with your video course material.

#3 Tell a Story

People like to hear real stories that interest them. Present one where the people face challenges like the potential audience may have. In this story, the scene should be about the participants who overcome their difficulties with the help of your online video course content. This is something like a method of social proof when you present a story of someone you have helped.

Presenting a clear image of people who can benefit from your product and the problems you are going to solve, you are more likely to help people connect with your product. Start your story describing a clear pain point your online course is likely to solve and then present how your course will help your potential students overcome similar pain points. This is very valuable and influential when creating a powerful sales proposition.

#4 Run-over the Rejections

When people think about paying for something (whether it is about a mobile device or an online course) they tend to talk themselves out for making that purchase. What you need to do is to make them avoid this tendency. To make it work, mention some objections and explain it is just an unjustified belief that has nothing to do with reality and your course is a real solution to overcome challenges and get a better and more successful future. Now let’s list some of the most common rejections you may hear as well as include in your writing copy to run over.

  • Do you think this course is expensive?

Probably the most common pain point for the audience. If you do not clearly present all the advantages and value of your course, people will not be ready to pay for it, and the material will be expensive. A great way to overcome this challenge is to present how much people will earn with the help of the knowledge presented on the course. Then present the price of the course which will be less than the first amount you mention; “This course will help you get a specialty and earn at least $800 monthly, while you should pay just $200 to get it”. Another option is to mention the price of your course’s real value then tell how much you charge for it; “This course will cost $800 but today I share it just with $200”.

  • Could you learn it on your own?

In the current digital age, people think they can learn anything just on their own, reading various sources and watching YouTube videos. You should present your course and put an emphasis on your continual support. Highlight the point that you are always there to explain points, clarify different aspects, provide feedback and get in touch with the learners when needed. Make them believe that real human interaction is above everything.

  • Why should you buy this course when there are a lot of similar more?

Highlight the advantages and points that make your course better and stand out in the competition. It may be about deeper research and detailed material. These days the internet is full of educational material and learners face difficulties when choosing this or that one. Tell them you have been in their position and mention how you overcome the challenge. Make them believe they can do the same and you will help them to do it.

  • How can you trust me?

Tell them about yourself, your knowledge, experience, challenges you have faced before, and the way you managed to reach success. Learners do not have to know you but you are recommended to let them do. Once they get familiar with the quality of your skills and knowledge they will not save money on your courses. Just make some effort to make your previous experience clear, rich, and bright. Ask previous students to write reviews. Such feedback may help newcomers to make decisions. Building trust in the online sphere will help you to overcome real challenges and establish a successful online presence.

#5 Use Clear CTA-s (Call to Actions)

What is a call to action? It is just what it sounds like — a text or expression that calls people to take a specific action. When presenting some content you attract the audience, then engage them into the topic and arouse their desire. You should increase this desire so that it reaches its top and the learners become sure about taking an action. At this point, your CTA should be very clear and trustworthy so that the potential course buyers do not leave the path.

If you do every step as it is required your audience is sure about their decision and offering a CTA like “learn more” will be confusing for them. In this step, they will need an exact direction to know how to pay and get the content. You may use “Get familiar with the course content” or “Buy the course”, “Pass the course”, etc.

#6 Choose a Benefit Driven Language Style

People do not want to learn about what you offer but what they will get. Mention all the benefits they will receive when passing your online course. Thanks to this approach, your content is presented to appeal to the potential learners and their needs. Make sure your writing copy is more about the learners and the course rather than you and what you do.

The benefit-driven language style highlights what the outcome of your course will be like and how the learners may benefit from it. This better engages the audience and makes them excited about the content and its outcome. So, they are more likely to pay for your valuable content. Isn’t this what you want to achieve?

To Sum Up

Now you are familiar with all the most common ways of writing copy that sells. These methods, tips, and tricks will help you overcome challenges and make your copy catchy. As a result, you will stand out in the competition and better sell your valuable courses, having your fingerprint in the constantly growing e-learning industry. Education is what makes us stronger and being a trustworthy creator in this field is something really essential and respectable. Do not miss your opportunity to become a great creator.

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