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Nowadays there are many platforms that make teaching easier, taking it into the online sphere. Because of the wide variety of such educational portals, it becomes difficult to choose one that best fits your requirements. However, I took some of the jobs under my responsibility and made detailed research. I compare several platforms and putting an emphasis especially on the most essential factors and features considered by education providers.

In this article, I’ll discuss the Uteach vs Teachable vs Thinkifik. At the first glance, it seems absurd to compare Uteach with these giants. However, let me give a try. I assure you’ll discover much. Surely, the right is yours and in the end, you should choose the perfect platform. What I try to highlight is the importance that you know what you refuse and for what.

As these platforms have much in common, I focus on specific features that make these platforms unique. So, let’s start the comparative research and identify the best of each platform.

What I like about Teachable

1. Website Design

I like the features teachable provides for website design, especially the home page design. It gives a chance not only to place a logo, favicon, and background image but also to set up colors according to your preferences. When other platforms just offer several colors to choose from, with Teachable you get a chance to select any color you like just presenting the code of that color or choosing from the color bar.

Another advantage I like about Teachable is the variety of fonts. There are more than ten font families to choose from.

2. Communication

As an instructor, you get a chance to turn on the comments section for your lessons. This provides a comments section below your content where your students may express opinions as well as you may to meet their concerns and answer their questions.

3. Content Material

Along with the course, Teachable provides a chance to upload various types of additional content, including pdf.-s, slides, etc. The most fantastic thing is that here you get a chance to automatically import content from Dropbox, Google Drive, and One Drive. This is done faster than uploading from the PC.

4. Easy to Use Course Builder

Teachable offers more features that help to easily customize your website. The design features are mainly easy to use. It is available even for beginners with minimal technical knowledge.

There are four pages to present details:

  1. Add Information
  2. Add Curriculum
  3. Add Price
  4. Publish

What I like About Thinkific

1․ Student Discussions

With Thinkific you may create a separate community on your website. This is a distinct community for discussions. It is also possible to attach a community to specific courses to make it easier to automatically manage the students’ access.

2. Presentations

Thinkific allows creating presentations directly on the platform. This feature also offers the opportunity to add voice over any page of the slide and record an audio version of slideshows.

3. Course Copies

Have you ever thought about copying any course? With Thinkific it becomes possible. You may duplicate content between and within courses. And this is especially useful when you need to display the same material across multiple courses.

4. Course Reviews

Students may write reviews that are automatically collected by the system and optionally displayed on the landing pages. These reviews are considered to be social proof and arouse trust among new or potential learners.

And this isn’t all. The star ratings appear in the search listings. This highly increases the organic traffic to your page.

What is Effective about Uteach

1. Course — Quiz — Certificate Connection

Education providers who rely on Uteach provide an advantageous feature to their students. There is a logical connection between course, quiz, and certificate. Completing all the course videos, the students get a quiz to check the acquired knowledge. Once they pass the test a certificate is automatically generated.

The feature of the quiz is especially useful. It is possible to organize a test that will include different formats of questions and answers, including:

  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Image questions
  • Video questions
  • Yes / No questions
  • Short / Long answer questions

2. Easy to Use Course Builder

Uteach offers some features that make this platform effective, highly functional, and easy to use. For instance, the created websites are highly responsive and provide a great user experience regardless of the device used: desktop, tablet, smartphone.

3․ More Flexible Pricing Plans

Are you interested in teaching online? Probably, you have looked for a proper platform that will work for you and that you may afford. If you haven’t still check out the features and pricing plans Uteach offers then take it into consideration.

Uteach has more flexible pricing plans. You’ll surely find a plan that will work for you and your business.

4. Support

Uteach support team is very fast and always ready to help. There are different ways to get in touch. First of all, the users may schedule a free demo. During a call, one of the support team members will present all the features and answer all of your questions.

Besides, there you may also find the support section where various aspects of using the website are introduced with screenshots. In case of any question, you may contact the team through email address, social media platforms, live chat, or contact form. The team will help to find solutions in the shortest time possible.

Comparison of Features that Matter

An iOS app
Better course reporting and analytics tools
Live chat support

Advanced quiz features such as question bank or bulk import
0% transaction fee on all plans
Slideshow presentations
Custom themes

More flexible pricing plans
A more flexible and user-friendly course builder
Live chat support
Secure servers

Analysis of Pricing Plans

The most critical point in choosing a good educational platform is the flexibility of pricing plans. I choose a way to introduce this point using an interesting approach. Below you’ll find an infographic that visualizes the offers by the above-mentioned three platforms. In this infographic, you may easily compare the price and the features offered to make the best possible decision.

To Sum Up

For sure, there are various other e-teaching platforms that may meet your requirements. However, you should be able to afford them. So why not to rely on cheaper portals that are not so popular in the market but still provide great features. Uteach is one of such efficient platforms that may help to go the way to your success. So, why don’t you want to start today? A lot of learners are ready to pay for your valuable knowledge. Start today and earn tomorrow. If you want to learn more,

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