The Armenian Ethnicity

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Armenians are the native ethnic group of the Armenian Highland. The Armenian ethnicity is an important topic for all of them who are interested in the origin and history of this ancient country and nation. If you are among these curious ones then you are at the right place. Come on!

The Armenian Ethnic Origin

The Armenian people form one of the most interesting ethnic groups. You may be interested in Armenians because either you have heard about some famous Armenians or you are attracted by the unique characteristic features of the Armenian appearance.

Armenians are people who make the vast majority of the population in the Republic of Armenia. However, there is a large Armenian diaspora around the world. An interesting fact is that there are 3 million people living in Armenia, and 98% of them are ethnic Armenians, the other 1.2% are Yezidis, and the rest 0.8% are other ethnic groups.

The Armenian ethnic origin dates back to the 6th century BC when the first attestations of the exonym Armenia were mentioned. In 517 BC the Persian king refers to Urartu as Armenia.

Armenian Physical Characteristics

Have you ever seen some pictures of Armenian people? In general, you may meet Armenians with dark hair, dark eyes, and light skin. However, what obvious is that Armenians vary with their appearance. The majority of the population has dark brown or black hair and eyes. Yet, you may meet a blonde or red-haired Armenians.

The Armenian eyes are very impressive. The great part of the Armenian population has dark eyes, although there are also many people with blue or green eyes.

The Armenian Culture

Armenians like to create a history. This ancient nation overcame various hardships and difficulties throughout history. They experienced many wars in order to preserve the Armenian genealogy, culture, historical values, and ethnicity.

The greatest hardship this nation faced was the Armenian Genocide — the mass killing of humanity. Nevertheless, Armenians continue living because this nation has a strong belief. Armenians always keep on living and working. They will find something to do in every minute. That’s why a well-known proverb was created about the Armenians. It says “Armenians are a nation who squeeze bread out of the stone”. This proverb is very symbolic: Armenians have special respect towards the bread, and the Armenian area is stony. So, these people work in their own land to earn a living.

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