Are you interested in the current development of technological devices and trends of Informational technologies? In the world going on an online global motion, Armenia couldn’t stay passive. If there is a development, Armenians should stay at the cutting edge. But how is it expressed? Let’s find out together.

TUMO Center for Creative Technologies

TUMO is free of charge digital media learning center in Armenia. This is one of the Armenian approaches to go along with the worldwide digital motion.

The History of TUMO

TUMO Armenia was established in Yerevan. The construction works that started in 2003 was completed in 2009–2010. The opening ceremony took place in 2011 with an open-air concert of Serj Tankian — the famous Armenian singer, and the band Dorians.

The center aimed to increase the level of creative Armenia due to the educational experience. The TUMO Center Armenia was founded by Sam and Sylva Simonians who wholly fund the educational program with the help of the Simonian Educational Foundation.

The Locations of TUMO

The building of the educational center is situated in Halabyan Street not far from the Karen Demirchian Sports And Concerts Complex. It’s located just next to Tumanyan Park — one of the best parks in the capital where you can just organize a picnic.

The TUMO Yerevan isn’t the only TUMO center in Armenia. There are also some branches in different cities and towns of some regions in Armenia including in Dilijan (Tavush Region), Gyumri (Shirak Region), and Stepanakert (Artsakh). There are also some branches in Koghb (a village again in the Tavush province), Masis (Ararat Province).

The TUMO Center for Creative Technologies works also in abroad including Paris, France; Beirut, Lebanon; and Tirana, Albania.

The Mission of TUMO Center

TUMO Armenia provides an educational experience at special spheres like technology and design.

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They say that at TUMO centers teenagers learn because they want to. This comes from the non-obligatory structure of education. At usual schools, pupils learn because they had to but here it’s their choice to study or not. And the fantastic thing about this education center is that it’s free of charge. So, it isn’t possible to meet any teenager who cannot attend TUMO classes because they cannot afford it.

The students at TUMO are provided with various tools and opportunities that support them to achieve their goals in the best possible way.

The TUMO Educational Programs

However, what programs does the TUMO center offer? The students at TUMO have a wide choice of what program to learn. There are 14 targeting projects they can study by self-education, workshops, and project labs.

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These learning programs include Animation, Game Development, Graphic Design, 3D Modeling, Robotics, Programming, Web Development and Design, Motion Graphics, Music, Writing, Drawing, Filmmaking, Photography, and New Media.

The TUMO Path

This is an innovative path application that covers activities, workshops, and labs to provide a personalized learning plan. This plan includes a timeline that can span for two years or more. The application offers a path through which the learners are directed to their preferred results.

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You may think that it’s not possible, but over time, the application dynamically adapts the preferences and pace of the students. Through their path, the students challenge different tasks to level up their skills. They complete projects and build up a portfolio of successful outcomes. This portfolio may be considered as a diploma.

The TUMO Summer Camp

TUMO also offers an Armenian summer camp. The TUMO Camp is a fun way for teenagers to gain knowledge and explore Armenia. The camp program is based at the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies in Yerevan, Armenia.

At the TUMO Camp, teenagers aged 10–18 learn the cutting edge trends and techniques of technology and design. Since the founding of the camp over 700 students from 25 different countries have already taken part in the program.

Photo Credits: Tumo Center

The camp schedule in 2019, is from June 10 to August 3. However, the duration may vary from 1 week up to 8 weeks. The weekly fee for the camp is USD 500 per student. The fee includes all the activities, meals, trips, daily transportation, and chaperons.

Many foreign students prefer to study at TUMO Armenia. It’s a perfect choice for summer vacations. It not only gives an opportunity to study and level up skills in a very modern sphere but also let the students discover an ancient country.

Discovering Armenia may include the investigation of the culture, architecture, historical places, values, and traditions. Surely, it will be a great experience for the students to increase both their level of knowledge and cultural awareness.

To Sum Up

To sum up, I want to introduce you to something fantastic. If you loved this creative center and had a desire to visit them the center is glad to welcome. You just need to send a brief email and schedule your tour in advance 1 or 2 weeks before the expected date of the tour.

Do you see? Armenia is a perfect choice in many regards. Welcome to Armenia.

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