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If you want to have a step back in the time there is a nice place for you to visit in Yerevan Armenia. It’s the Yerevan Children’s Railway founded in 1937. It’s a narrow-gauge railroad loop which passes through the Hrazdan gorge.

The History of Yerevan Children’s Railway

The idea to create such a place raised in the mind of Aghasi Khanjyan in 1935. The construction works began in 1936, and Khanjyan laid the first foundation stone. Unfortunately, he didn’t manage to see the final outcome of his expected children’s railway.

At first, the railway was decorated by Mikael Mazmanyan. It was a master plan and an old wood building which was opened on June 9, 1937, during the USSR period. However, late in the 1940s, all the wooden construction was replaced with a stone building, and an architect Gohar Grigoryan designed and built the main station which is still existing.

The station received a gift locomotive and three passenger coaches from the locomotive factory of Podolsk. Maybe it was the smallest train in Armenia. Although this train doesn’t work today, it’s considered to be the oldest locomotive in Armenia.

The Yerevan Children’s Railway is one of the main children’s railways that existed in Soviet times and continued to function after the Soviet Union collapsed.

Before there were some separate offices, cash register, pools, fountains, reading room, laughing room, playground, etc.

The Structure of Yerevan Children’s Railway

The length of the railway is 2.1 kilometers that scratch along the Hrazdan river in the Hrazdan gorge.

The Children’s railway includes two stations: “Hayrenik” (Motherland) which was initially called “Paros” (Lighthouse), and “Pionerakan” (Pioneer). When Aghasi Khanjyan laid the founding stone it served as a base for the “Paros” station.

There you may also arrive at a platform called “Urakhutyun” (Joy). The territory of the children’s railway includes a tunnel of 45 meters as well. There are several attractions, amusement park, and many more places of interest.

In front of the tunnels’ exits, a statue of a panther is located. It was placed in 1994. Near the tunnels, in front of the park, you may see several water sources named after the heroes of USSR.

Yerevan Children’s Railway Today

Currently, there are a locomotive and two passenger coaches in the Yerevan Children’s Railway. The stations “Hayrenik” and “Pioneer” are working although the other station “Urakhutyun” is no longer in process. You can just pass nearby.

The tunnel is somehow abandoned. For the present, it’s in a bad situation and needs some repairing works. However, it still looks attractive due to its unique light style. On the ceiling, zigzag style and warm orange color lights are placed.

The train is still in process. You may have a trip to the beautiful park alongside the river. The trains are mainly used by families with children. However, everybody is welcome there. During the recent times, it has also become a romantic place for couples.

The railway is opened every day at 10 AM and works until the evening. The entrance fee for the open-air train is 300 AMD. Some children cafes and cinema.

What To Do in Yerevan Children’s Railway

Another thing to do in the Yerevan Children’s Railway is to walk around. This park may be considered to be one of the most interesting parks in Yerevan. Here you may walk around the gorge and enjoy your time in the heart of nature.

The Hrazdan river makes the environment more natural and provides a perfect atmosphere for real relax. And there is even more. You can organize a picnic in the bank of the river and take great pleasure of your time.

It seems that this railway helps you to escape from reality and appear in a magic land. It isn’t a Disneyland but you may be attracted by the beauty of Armenia, and have a magic train tour across the natural adventures.

The Location of The Yerevan Children’s Railway

The railway is located in the Hrazdan gorge. You may reach there through the tunnel the entrance of which is a few meters far from the Mesrop Mashtots Avenue.

Being located at the heart of the capital, the railway is far away from the busy and noisy streets. The Yerevan Children’s Railway may have an impression on you as if you are in the countryside. The tunnel is a dividing line between the city and the railway.

The Yerevan Children’s Railway is one of the attractive places in Yerevan you shouldn’t miss. It’s the mixture of the old and new because it’s an old construction in a new environment. Don’t hesitate to spend a day in this beautiful place. Afterward, this is a unique thing to try while you are visiting Armenia. Surely, you will get extra pleasure.



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